Welcome to Legacy Land Stewardship PBC

Legacy Land Stewardship is a Public Benefit Corporation formed exclusively for the ownership and long-term stewardship of surplus properties. Our mission is simple:

To provide a secure divestment solution to owners of surplus, environmentally-impacted real estate that responsibly and permanently delivers sustainable, long-term environmental stewardship, and to seek eco-friendly reuses for public benefit.

Offering the only permanent option to owners of environmentally impaired real estate with no redevelopment value – Legacy Land Stewardship’s property transfer solution is the perfect answer for assets that:

  • Have no inherent real estate value,
  • Have completed cleanup, but the property has ongoing environmental O&M obligations,
  • Have no strategic value for retaining ownership,
  • Reside on the lowest end of the brownfield value spectrum – unwanted by developers and brownfield firms, or
  • Are held merely to control future reuse and/or manage liability risk.
As a new offering, Legacy Land Stewardship now offers consulting services to owners of environmentally impacted properties that want to divest their property and/or increase the value of the real estate before divestment. Learn more.

The Brownfield Problem in the U.S. has been well studied.

Environmentally impacted properties that have a significant underlying real estate value have captured the interest and investment of developers and brownfield redevelopment firms because that underlying value is used as the “economic engine” to get sites cleaned up and back to beneficial use.

However, it’s estimated that only about 10% of brownfield sites have enough underlying value to overcome the cost and risk of redevelopment.

For the first time, there’s a solution for the other 90% of brownfield sites.