About Legacy Land Stewardship

Our Purpose and Mission

Legacy Land Stewardship’s business model targets those impaired properties that essentially sit fallow – sites that necessitate responsible, long-term management, but may also allow green, low-impact reuses to deliver important environmental and social benefits. We are not a Brownfield development company – we do not seek properties that have traditionally been acquired for future commercial or residential reuse.

As a PBC, we are the perfect alternative for custodial care and maintenance of long-term care assets.

With our defined purpose firmly in mind, Legacy Land Stewardship’s only mission is:

To provide a divestment solution to owners of surplus, environmentally impacted real estate that responsibly and permanently delivers sustainable, long-term environmental stewardship, and to seek eco-friendly reuses for the public benefit.

Legacy Land Stewardship offers:


Our Core Values

  • Transparency and accountability. We believe in open transactions and accountability toward our mission. We’re proud of what we’re doing, and happy give a look ‘behind the curtain.’
  • Liability Protection. At our core, Legacy Land Stewardship is in the business of meeting the ownership obligations and protecting the environmental risks of those who convey properties to us.
  • Integrity. Its trite, but we’re looking for win-win transactions where corporations see true benefit from divesting surplus properties and Legacy Land Stewardship can fulfill its environmental stewardship mission.
  • Commitment to the environment. With everything we do, Legacy Land Stewardship has unwavering commitment to the restoration of and protection of environmental resources.
  • ‘Green’ reuse. Legacy Land Stewardship’s mission includes seeking limited reuses for properties it acquires that would benefit the environment, the local municipality, and the community.
  • Finality and Sustainability. More than buzz-words, Legacy Land Stewardship provides a final solution for companies wishing to divest surplus properties in the form of perpetual stewardship.

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