Eric Williams, Co-Founder and President

ericEric has been involved in the re-use and redevelopment of environmentally-impacted properties since the 1980s. His primary areas of expertise are the intersection of real estate, environmental, and finance.

For real estate, Eric has deep knowledge of:

  • Property valuation (with and without environmental impairments)
  • Best and highest use determinations
  • Complex deal structures and transactions
  • Use of risk tools like indemnities and insurance
  • Development of ProFormas and financial modeling
  • Use of Urban Renewal Areas and Redevelopment Zones
  • Entitlements – rezoning, municipal development approvals
  • Private finance – equity and debt
  • Public finance – tax increment financing and municipal districts
  • Infrastructure design and installation
  • Reuse of existing structures
  • Asset and property management
  • Divestitures

Eric’s earlier career as an environmental consultant, combined with working with the country’s foremost cleanup experts on his brownfield sites has given him extensive experience with:

  • Determining appropriate cleanup techniques for given property uses/redevelopment
  • Including environmental liabilities in financial modeling/ProForma creation
  • Realizing efficiencies in combining cleanup tasks with development activities
  • Administrative risk management tools such as deed restrictions, environmental covenants, and environmental insurance

Because financial expertise is critical to any real estate play, especially environmentally-impacted properties, Eric brings the following financial expertise to projects:

  • Financial modeling of cleanup and development options
  • Investment packages for private financing
  • Brining debt and equity to projects
  • Investor communications
  • Adding tax increment financing, municipal districts, and other public finance vehicles to projects

Eric’s Company History has Included:

  • Founder, Owner, and President of Legacy Land Stewardship
  • Founder, Owner, and Managing Director of Colorado Legacy Land, a special purpose entity set up for managing former mining properties
  • Founder and Managing Director of Tellurium Partners, an ecological mitigation banking company
  • Founder, Owner, and CEO of Frontier Renewal, a brownfield redevelopment company
  • Founder and Board Member of Frontier Environmental Management, a captive environmental services firm
  • Executive Director of EnviroFinance Group, a specialty lender and asses manager for the brownfield industry
  • Executive positions with ARCADIS and Harding Lawson Associates/MACTEC


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