How We Work

Having spent almost three decades working with owners of surplus properties with environmental obligations, Legacy Land Stewardship’s principals have identified three primary challenges in transferring this real estate:

  • The ability of the receiver to perform the owner’s long-term environmental obligations,
  • Prevention of the dreaded “come-back liability” to the original owner, and
  • More effectively manage the economic considerations of such a transfer with the desire to cut costs associated with long-term ownership.

Legacy Land Stewardship’s program addresses each of these concerns in the following offering components:

The Real Estate Transfer and Stewardship Contract is Legacy Land Stewardship’s proprietary contractual mechanisms for defining the obligations and liabilities being assumed.

The Legacy Assurance Package is how Legacy Land Stewardship backs its obligations surety and insurance products.

Key to every transaction are the Economic Considerations that accompany the transfer of real property and stewardship obligations.