The Legacy Assurance Package

Corporations that transfer properties with environmental obligations typically care about two things more than any other:

  • Resiliency – that the entity to which the obligations are transferred meets its long term responsibilities, and
  • Permanency – that the property and/or the liability associated with an environmental site does not come back to the “deep pocket.”

Legacy Land Stewardship was specifically set up to be a sustainable, permanent solution that provides deep protection to the most common concerns to companies wishing to shed surplus environmental properties.

The Legacy Assurance Package is Legacy Land Stewardship’s proprietary assemblage of financial and insurance products that provides corporations comfort that the obligations assumed by Legacy Land Stewardship will be met. The Legacy Assurance Package provides a final and sustainable solution to those transferring stewardship with the title of a property.

Highlights of The Legacy Assurance Package include:

  • Financial assurances for performance obligations assumed by Legacy Land Stewardship,
  • Contractual insurance for breach of covenants made by Legacy Land Stewardship,
  • Environmental insurance for cleanup of unknown contamination, regulatory re-openers, and third-party lawsuits, and
  • Liability insurance for the performance and behavior of Legacy Land Stewardship and its principals.


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