Legacy Land Stewardship Adds Advisory Services

Owners of environmentally impacted properties can now access Legacy Land Stewardship’s Value Creation Model for their own properties.

DENVER, CO (October 22, 2021) – Legacy Land Stewardship

Legacy Land Stewardship, PBC announces it has added Advisory Services to its offering. Where previously Legacy Land Stewardship would apply their Value Creation Model to properties it has acquired, the company is now offering the same process for sites owned by others on a consulting basis.

Our services include:

  • Estimation of environmental liabilities
  • Best & highest use determination
  • Appraisal of property value as-is and under re-use/redevelopment scenarios
  • Land planning for redevelopment scenarios
  • Financial modeling of redevelopment options
  • Divestment options and guidance
  • Cleanup management
  • Natural resource monetization
  • Grant and loan submittals
  • Redevelopment financing options (private)
  • Use of public finance vehicles like Tax Increment Financing and Municipal Districts (game changers)
  • Implementation of redevelopment activities such as re-entitlement, demolition, cleanup, site preparation, and installation of infrastructure

According to President Eric Williams “More than performing individual tasks within our capabilities, Legacy Land Stewardship has the ability to integrate these functions into a program for property owners to aid them in making decisions about environmentally-impacted properties and, if desired, maximize the value of their real estate they desire to hold or divest.”

Legacy Land Stewardship is a Public Benefit Corporation that provides a specialized divestment solution and advisory services to owners of environmentally-impacted real estate. As a Public Benefit Corporation, Legacy Land Stewardship is not driven by profitability, but rather fulfilling its public benefit and environmental missions.

For more information see www.Legacy.Land or contact Eric Williams at Eric@Legacy.Land or 303.521.5805.