Closed or abandoned mine sites pose unique challenges for the mining industry, governments and communities. Current best practices for closure require the reclamation or rehabilitation of the decommissioned mine site, along with the return of the land and waterbodies to acceptable standards. Abandoned or orphan mines may have been reclaimed to the standards of the day, but quite often the methods used were inadequate for the prevention of environmental harm and additional work is necessary to obtain closure. Moreover, almost all of these closed/legacy mines will require an extended period of post-closure care and maintenance.

Legacy Land Stewardship is the ideal entity to own and maintain closed or abandoned mine properties through the long-term post-closure period. Legacy’s core business and focus is the ownership and long-term environmental stewardship of former mining and industrial properties.

Comprehensive Transfer of Obligations

Legacy Land Stewardship PBC will accept those post-closure obligations associated with historic mining operations, including:

  • Inspection and maintenance of caps/cover/reclaimed lands
  • Operation of water collection, treatment, and discharge operations
  • Water quality monitoring and reporting
  • Regulatory permit/order compliance
  • Assumption/management of financial assurances

Beneficial Reuses

Legacy Land Stewardship’s mission includes exploring low-impact, eco-friendly land uses that provide a sustainable public benefit back to the communities where they are located without changing the risk profile for the original owner.